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A spiritual awakening occurs when you have raised your energy to a level beyond your cultural conditioning and ego. It is the hardest thing to happen in life, but the most necessary and rewarding path to discover your true calling.  

This course is designed to guide you through the process of a spiritual awakening. It encompasses the psychology,  metaphysics, and intellectual transformation that occurs throughout the journey. Spiritual growth is attained by conscious exploration and integration of ancient and esoteric principles.



Something within you has changed, and now the universe has altered big time. This is a natural phenomena which occurs when your perceptions and beliefs start to shift and transform.  You've realised you are not your body, and this world isn't what it seems. There are new dimensions to your consciousness that are beginning to formulate and integrate within your psyche. Though it seems there is chaos and turmoil at this stage, your intuition is on point, and you are being divinely guided to your purpose. 

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Establishing exactly what has happened at this initial part of the journey will provide the psychological grounding and framework for the work that needs to be completed. You must complete this great work, in this lifetime, or the next. 


The journey involves critical stages of a psychological transformation that everybody experiences within the process of awakening. Your potential is to be realised, cultivated, harnessed, and actualised throughout each stage.

The universe is relying on you to raise your energy to the highest form you are to become.

Ego Dissolution

This module analyses the psychology of an ego dissolution. You aren't what you thought you were. It can be confusing and challenging to navigate this territory as you begin to shed layers of yourself. This module will equip you with the tools to not only ground yourself, but to reorient your mind towards a true spiritual path. 

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The Dark Night of the Soul

This is the most critical stage within your awakening. The world seems like it is falling apart. Everything has changed, and there is nowhere left to hide. You must face your shadow, and bind it with conscious awareness. You do not become enlightened by imagining the light, but by making the darkness conscious. 

Astrology, Metaphysics, Signs & Synchronicities. 

This module explores the strange and beautiful phenomena that occurs within the development of an awakening. Knowing how to read the signs, and knowing what you are being told by the universe is the key to following your calling. 

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Spiritual Systems / Practices to Strengthen Your Aura

Understanding the methods and practices within different religious and spiritual paths. This module cuts through the materialism of market place spirituality, and defines healthy practices to cultivate your psychic development and positive energy. 


Becoming Your Higher Self 

Once all concepts have been learned, practiced, and integrated, you will begin to dispel fear and manifest the abundance of love and peace from within you.

Clarity will be attained.

The universe will begin to align for you.

Your purpose will unfold, and you will begin to discover your power.

There is no separation between you and the universe.

You are the divine incarnate.

This is your obligation, to awaken and become your higher self.  

This is the final module that reflects upon everything previously learned. Nothing binds you except your thoughts. Nothing limits you except your fear. Nothing controls you except your beliefs. 

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Your Higher Self Awaits You

You are the divine incarnate 

Radiate your divine intelligence

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